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Claude Bonneau expresses since a very young age a great interest for visual arts; he was born in Alma, however it is at Baie-Comeau that he will begin is creative progression at the young age of 8; convincing his parents to register him at a drawing course. It was the start of a great adventure that still continues today.

Autodidact painter; creative and authentic he vibes at the rhythm of his paint brushes, happy and free to express him self through his ochre, earth or orangey colors, his unique style.

His work, whether it is landscape, musicians or elegant dancers swirling in a heavenly garden, becomes a way to share his passion for painting. 

His style is audacious, original and inspired; you can observe a sepia line bordering the characters and objects that is paintings are made of. His paintings are alive, warm and distinctive. He does not impose himself any limits and his work is opening him a window to the world.


His art gallery is comparable to a museum, it is vast and his paintings share space with antiques that are beautiful and evocative… Oeuvre de l'artiste Claude Bonneau It is there and at numerous symposiums that you can see Claude paint. His creative energy added to the purity of his gestures, allow the magic to happen and as the painting progresses the audience enters the artist universe.


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